Exfinite Speed
How fast is fast?

The system speed is as fast as the average speed of the sum of all the active components.

At Exfinity we design machines so that no component creates a bottleneck for any other. The processor, chipset, memory, display and primary storage have to be synched to provide optimum performance.

Since our machines are made to run beyond specifications and tweaked to perfection we make sure than no component lags. Some Companies may over clock the processor, which results in slow memory with fast processors, thus creating bottlenecks for applications.

On Exfinity machines the processor and memory are run at a higher clock than those rate by at least 20%. The graphic card is further optimized to run the core graphic processor and memory subsystem at at least 10% higher then rated speeds.

If you go by the value you get in the system – if such a system was put together and run at rated speeds. The Exfinity systems would be at least faster by 10 to 30% depending on the model and application. This is how the Exfinity machines actually save you money, since they give you performance which is two notches ahead of any other PC at the same cost. You save money and get work done faster.