What is modding:

Case modding or Case modification is the modification of a computer chassis (often just referred to as the case). Modifying a computer in any non-standard way is considered a case mod. Many people, particularly hardware enthusiasts use case mods to illustrate a computer's power, and for aesthetic purposes.
- Wikipedia

According to Exfinity computer modding is the new art form which provides the ultimate combination of Art with technology. Beige is boring for many people so they paint them in different colors. Some users are bored with the regular rectangle box. But for us it has a much deeper meaning. Other then the exterior, it has many more uses
  i. Modding allows us to create better airflow in the chassis by having extra fans,
and additional windows for air circulation in and out of the unit
  ii. It allows us to ensure using special active devices to cool the components in a far more effective manner, hence ensuring long life of the components.
  iii. Changing currents across components to ensure higher reliability of the devices.
  iv. Reprogramming EPROM allows us to enhance some components ensuring higher performance and more features which may not be available by default.