Overview Testing Process
Component level

Since Exfinity machines are rated to run beyond manufacturers specifications. It is very important that the design of the system be tested to run stable. The first step in this is to use only hardware by some of the best Original equipment manufacturers.
Horizontal Stability
a. Quality Control
Due to the nature of over clocking Exfinity ensures that adequate cooling and effective thermal management inside the system to ensure high life and reliability of the components.
  i. All Components are best of breed. We only use components from manufacturers who we believe are the best.
  ii. The Chassis and power supply units undergo rigorous selection and are from award winning manufacturers.
  iii. At least 5 fans are mounted – which include two 120mm fans and one 80 mm fan to ensure effective cooling and air circulation.
  iv. Critical components like Processor, Graphic card, Mainboard chipset are actively cooled with individual high performance fans
  v Power supply – adequate power on maximum load and over 40% excess power available for peak performance. To ensure sufficient power – at least 400 watts of power supply unit is used.
b. Stress Test

  i. Fault testing: Full load stress test – ensuring that the processor is working on full load.
  ii. Computational tests – Prime number generation using software algorithm for 48 hours, without generating any rounding errors
Vertical stability
The Series of drivers are identified which have been recommended by the manufacturer and the compatibility is tested with other devices in the system. Exfinity machines come with a set of pre-tested drivers and are usually Microsoft WHQL approved - Since all machines are bundled with the latest Microsoft Operating system. They are of course tweaked to ensure maximum performance.
The primary vertical application is tested for use to ensure that they do not conflict with the hardware being used. We maintain a database of recommended drivers and system configurations from application software companies for highest stability in those applications. One of the most effective tests are those defined by SPEC - for various 3D Modeling and engineering applications.